A Strip of Blessed Land

For many, the first impression of Kerala might be the mystic hills of Munnar or the pristine backwaters of Alappuzha. The fact is, there’s much more to the God’s Own Country; like this strip of blessed land that boasts of lush green paddy fields, mist-drenched mountain ranges that seem to be kissing the sky, dense forest ranges where rare flora and fauna flourish and even majestic monuments that stand as testimonies to various by-gone eras. Palakkad – often hailed as the “Granary of Kerala” is a well-known, yet lesser-experienced destination that has plenty to offer for a passionate traveller.

Palakkad holds the distinction of being the largest district in Kerala. One of the few districts in Kerala that doesn’t have a coastline, Palakkad is often associated with the beguiling beauty of the ever-charming Western Ghats. One of the border districts of Kerala, Palakkad opens the State to the neighbouring Tamil Nadu and the rest of the country through the Palakkad Gap. The district is surrounded by mountains, forest ranges and fertile valleys – all of which are a feast to the eyes and soul. Numerous rivers and smaller streams flow through the district, adding to the rapturous beauty of the destination; which is also reflected in the presence of many noted dams and reservoirs.

Apart from being a land where you can relax and rejuvenate leisurely, Palakkad is also rich in heritage and culture. Some of the most influential and popular art forms in Kerala like Kathakali and Carnatic music are widely performed and taught throughout the region. Palakkad is also home to many historic architectural marvels that have endured through generations.

So if you are a nature lover, an adventure lover or a fan of culture, Palakkad is an ideal destination for you to visit. Not just one, but many wonderful memories assured!

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